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Nomadic Dynamic


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We believe that the nomadic lifestyle offers a dynamic and therapeutic alternative for peoples health and conciousness. All people who enter our camp are encouraged to take an active role , to obtain the most out of their time with us.


with full respect to the animals , all our visitors are welcome to enjoy personal contact with all our animals in a relaxed and safe manner. People quickly learn just how intelligent animals are!


Cooking on the fire
most say yes i camp all the time but for the nomad it is survival. Nomadic women are masters of their fire from the collection and selection of types and sizes of wood, ability to work the fire for different cooking,hygene and medical needs . guests in our camp are reminded of the essential elements that support us.


By taking part in the daily chores in the dynamic of the camp. Our guests share the pleasure of milking the goats and reestablishing their connection to our daily food. We make cheese, youghurt, butter and ayran. And if i do say so myself our goats cheese would be the envy of many french producers!


And of course everyones wish is to share the joy of sitting upon Ghighil. For which he happily agrees!

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