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Silk Road Project


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The Silk Road Project


The caravanserais were a chain of staging posts for caravans traversing the Silk routes established during the fourteenth century. They were provided and paid for by local communities and various foundations to cater to the needs of trade and travellers and promote cultural exchange for the evolution of humanity. Constructed at intervals of 30 to 40 kilometres -- not exceeding 8-10 hours walk by foot or camel -- they were at once safe houses as well as places to restock and re-equip. Facilities included bedrooms, storage areas, animal areas, prayer rooms, washing facilities and markets. Doctors, vets, harness makers and animal trainers were all located on site. Travellers could stay free for three days irrespective of religion, language, cast or race and were provided free medication if required – at a higher standard than in Europe at that time. Humans were provided two meals per day per day and the animals fed and watered.

Gittaohan aims to develop a chain of contemporary caravanserai to preserve the cultures of nomadic people and the Silk Road. These centres will replicate the atmosphere and dynamic of the caravanserai in a contemporary context for the modern traveller, researcher, pilgrim and organisation. We aim to taking in the needs of the local area, whilst maintaining the essence and integrity of old traditions, with a focus on education and hands on interaction.

Within each Caravanserai we will establish:

# an environment for correct husbandry of the Bactrian camel and other nomadic animals.

# a training school for camel and other animal workers in our unique, non-violent training methods.

# a balanced fusion between the essence of the past and advanced technology of the present..

# a therapeutic environment that raises consciousness of alternative living practices.

# centres promoting the traditions, skills and resources of the local area.

These will be places of living workable sustainable nomadic practices. Not a museum to look at and pass by, a place to co-operate integrate share and discover the magic, poetry, hardships and reality of nomadic life (past and present).

This project promotes Culture, Education, Bio diversity, Sustainability and Integrity.

To achieve this it is important to get the full support of many Global institutions that believe in the global vision of Gittaohan.

At this time in combination with Ankara Bachieveler Rotary club Turkey and the Italian Mongolian friendship and culture association and other interested groups we have begun the foundations of this vision.

If you wish to support the development of this project to create a global alternative for education and cultural exchange.Come and get involved in the caravan, email your suggestions or click on the button below

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