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Gittaohan Nomadic Camel Caravan

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Git:  to go [Turkish], Song (of god)  [Sanskrit],
        Gitanos Romani peoples of South France
Tao: the way, the balance (Chinese)
the travellers inn(Turkish/Arabic),the king 
Gittaohan is a collaboration Project group comprising people of mixed nations that promotes an international message of peace and sensibility. We research and share this message on multiple levels:

# The truthful way of Nomadic Cultures.

# The respectful and ecological use of animals, training with non-violent techniques.

# The connection between human and animal for human psychological, health and educational benefits.

# The value of travel for the correct exchange and understanding of culture for a global evaluation of humanism.

# Educating and sharing with children, who will put into practice this global message of unity and diversity.

# Protection and Husbandry programs for the Bactrian camel.

These are issue we in the Gittaohan project feel very strongly about and we are constantly researching to open relations with other people with compassion, knowledge and interest to build the consciousness of this way of life. We invite all to share the experience with our beautiful animals and hope to provide a network to help ensure this style of life remains a possibility

We travel the old Silk Road, following the steps of all the courageous caravans and famous philosophers, educators, researchers and prophets before us. Gittaohan travels to schools, organisations and festivals and happily receives people in their camp everyday.

For twenty years Gittaohan has made two full lengths of the Silk Road from Europe to Asia. We have deep knowledge of the cultural reality and traditions of the Silk Road and we hope to share the knowledge we have. All cultures, classes and societies are welcome to contribute to the message for an alternative and truthful solution.

From every passionate member of this caravan,


please contact (Engish,French,Italian,Turkish

Gittaohan Nomadic Camel caravan

Turkey 00905378745685
Australia 0061434240186